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Hello and welcome to Twizzles, the home of stylish contemporary home furnishings, home accessories and unique gifts for all the family.

Besides home accessories you will see our wonderful living room furniture, dining room furniture including tables & chairs, bathroom furniture in solid oak, dark wood, white wood and children's toys and furniture too.
We also have a new range of unusual and contemporary lighting; there is something to suit all tastes and budgets. Our smaller items, are very popular too - we have  wood carvings  and Soapstone sculptures, ceramic animal ornaments, Raku pottery and huge floor vases! The garden hasn’t been forgotten either, so take a look at our garden furniture  statues and sculptures and other garden accessories.

Glass Table and Chairs

Dining Room Furniture

Living Room Furniture

Home Accessories

Extending dining tables and sets in glass and wood Dining Room Furniture | Wood Dining Tables > example of wooden dining table set Living room coffee table, console tables and sideboards Modern sculptures, animal ornaments

Dining Sets

Wood Dining Table Chairs

Contemporary Furniture

Sculptures and Ornaments

Contemporary dining room furniture in wood glass and stone

Contemporary lighting – bathroom bedroom furniture - marble garden statues

Here at Twizzles, we have a vast choice of wood and glass dining tables which can seat 2, 4 and 6 plus diners. If you are looking for a traditional, contemporary, or unique dining tables we have something for you too.

One of our most popular dining sets is the Rustic Teak dining set made from reclaimed teak from ox carts. Each set is unique due to the fact that they are made by hand. If you see a dining table or chairs which are part of a set but you only want one or the other, then drop us a line and we will see what we can do!

You will also find here a great selection of living room furniture ,office furniture in solid oak and ash including sideboards, bookcases and wood and glass coffe and console tables too.

For those of you looking for bathroom ideas take a look at our bathroom furniture where you will find bathroom cabinets, lighting, mirrors and storage solutions. Also available a wide range of wood bedroom furniture in oak , ash and white wood.

For people who enjoy the garden we have a great selection of garden statues hand carved in lava stone, black and white marble depicting couples, families and abstract figures.


Lights, Lighting & Lamps


ildren's Fancy Dress

Wood Carved Giraffes

Soapstone Carvings

Comtemporary lighting wall lamps, ceiling lights, table lamps Children's fancy dress, furniture and toys Wood Carvings | Wooden Carved Animals > example of a carved wooden giraffe Abstract soapstone carvings in natural stone or black

Contemporary Lighting

Children's Toys and Furniture

Wooden Animal Ornaments

Family and Couples Sculptures


Wooden animals wood carved giraffes – wooden sculptures – abstract wood carvings – home accessories large floor vases

Glazed ceramic raku pottery animal cat ornaments soapstone carvings – gift ideal home accessories decor

We have a range of stunning wood giraffes all hand carved from one piece of responsibly sourced wood. We also have a selection of wooden sea horses which are either subtle blue or green. Our large range of abstract wood carvings caters for every taste. If you like our wood carved giraffes, then check out their companions, the wood carved zebra or wooden elephants

Our other abstract carvings include carved figurine couples carved single person figures and family figurine carvings. These make ideal gifts for friends, family and partners. For ideal accessories for any home have a look at our soapstone carvings.

We are in The Online Shopping Town on the Dining Furniture and Dining Accessories Streets.

Our ceramic animal Raku pottery items are great for all you animal lovers. We have a variety of Raku animals including giraffes , zebra , lions , cheetahs , cat , elephant and cheeky meerkats ! An ideal ornament for the cat animal lover

Check out our soapstone families of 3, 4, 5 and other soapstone sculptures available. All of our wood and soapstone carvings and ceramic Raku animal pottery are fair trade products. Come and give our animals a home.

Our home accessories go really well with our wood dining tables, chairs and glass top dining tables, oak , dark wood , white wood living room furniture and don't forget our unusual and unique contemporary wall art which offers great value for money. We're Approved!

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